The Jewishness of the New Testament

This post explain just how the New Testament is as Jewish as the Old Testament (10 min read; 2,273 words). – Bible + Jesus – The Jewishness of the New Testament.

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F.F. Bruce on Porneia in the Greco-Roman World (Gupta) | Crux Sola

In a brief excerpt from his commentary on 1 and 2 Thessalonians, F. F. Bruce explains why the apostles had to teach sexual purity – things we would have considered obvious – through the Mediterranean world.  (1 min read)

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Science and Genesis | Hope’s Reason

This is an 11:46 video on the subject of how Genesis speaks about creation.  It includes Alistair McGrath, John Walton, John Polkinghorne, Peter Enns, and N. T. Wright.

They are advancing a non-literalistic interpretation of the creation narrative, and they say things helpful to appreciating the cultural context in which Moses wrote.  Their point is, and it’s a good one, that the Bible is not trying to teach us science.  Nevertheless, the video is not that helpful when it comes to discussing the elephant in the room, which is, of course, evolution and whether or not it can be reconciled with entirety of the Bible.

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Have fun with agnostic mathematician David Berlinski, deflating scientism | Uncommon Descent

Berlinski is not a Christian; he’s an agnostic.  However, that actually makes his skewering of scientific pretensions all the more effective.  Theism has been practically driven out of science as it is being driven out of every other corner of the public sphere.  Only individual faith will keep it in.

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What Are the Top Ten Problems with Darwinian Evolution? – Evolution News & Views

This list was written by Casey Luskin.  All the issues he identifies are scientific in nature.  That is, he’s not objecting to evolution on the basis of the Bible, but rather on the basis of science.

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Why Should We Keep Reading the Old Testament?

Q: Since we have the New Testament, and it’s about Jesus, why should we continue reading the Old Testament?

A: To better understand Jesus Christ. When we read about the apostles and all the disciples in the New Testament (NT) we should remember that the only Bible they had was what we call the Old Testament (OT). The apostles and disciples never expressed any dissatisfaction with the OT, and certainly didn’t wait for the NT to be written in order to proclaim Christ. By the Holy Spirit, they saw Christ from one end of the Old Testament to the other. And if our English Bibles capitalize OT quotes in the NT, we can see this for ourselves. Let us therefore keep looking for Christ in the Old Testament, for that is the ultimate purpose for which it was written.

This answer first appeared as a comment on a blog post titled “Three reasons to keep reading the Old Testament” by Aaron Armstrong, who writes at Blogging Theologically: Jesus, Books, Culture, & Theology.

The Purpose of Reference Shelf for the Kingdom of God

I have been writing the following blogs for the last few years:

I have come to sense that there is a need for a blog dedicated to building a resource library relevant to the other blogs.  These resources consist largely of links to the blogs and web sites of others.  The kind of material I will be posting here has been previously posted on the “Current Events” blog.

The content posted here is less time sensitive and is more oriented to reference purposes.  Think of the other blogs as newspapers and this one as an encyclopedia.  You don’t read a page of the encyclopedia each day.  Rather, you go to it and search it for a particular purpose.  Though all the material at the other blogs is archived and searchable, I will work even harder on this blog to make sure that the blog contents operate like a database in which you can easily find stored materials.

The purpose of all these blogs to to help Christians walk with the one who called them.  If you wonder what I mean by that statement, take a look at Spiritual Christianity Versus Social Christianity.

This blog will provide links to articles, videos, podcasts, and other resources to help you strengthen your faith in Christ and your understanding of the Bible.

Let the library building begin!