Where There Is Faith – 4Him

The lyrics are not included in the video, but the words are enunciated very clearly by the singers and quite distinct above the music.

The quartet 4Him was an outgrowth of the group Truth, directed by Roger Breland.

A Man You Would Write About – 4Him

The lyrics are included in the video.

From the 4Him album “Face the Nation” (1991).  4Him was a quartet formed from individuals who had performed together as part of the much larger group Truth, which was directed by Roger Breland.

(This Is Not) Where I Belong by Building 429

There’s definitely a sense in which a rock concert, a music video, and “cool-looking” musicians are incongruent with the message of this song.  Nevertheless, it’s a simple, memorable, and moving anthem to the transience of life down here and the superiority of the life to come.

And it’s hope-inducing to think of young people in droves singing out a credo so dear to my own heart.

Let us shun the lusts of the world and live for the pleasure of our Lord!

“The Word” by Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith

Psalm 119: 105 marks the starting point of meditation for this 1980’s song, revisted more recently by one of its composers, Amy Grant.  (Here are the lyrics.)

The original version was edifying, but this slower and more contemplative version may be even more so.


“Great Is the Lord” by Michael W. Smith

Psalm 48:1 is the thought upon which Michael W. Smith expands in this song.

It is a fine thought indeed that the greatness of our praise should be commensurate with His greatness.  That is, since God is great, our praise of Him should not be tepid.