What Did the Church of the First Five Centuries Believe about the Bible?

This short book blurb is helpful because it includes the following list of some of the beliefs that church leaders of the first five centuries after Christ held regarding the Scriptures:

  • Every detail of Scripture is meaningful
  • Scripture is the supreme authority in Christian belief and practice
  • Scripture has multiple senses
  • Scripture accurately predicted the future, especially about Jesus
  • The etymologies of words in Scripture convey meaning
  • Events narrated in the Bible actually happened
  • Scripture does not have any errors in its facts
  • The original text of Scripture is authoritative
  • Scripture’s teaching is internally consistent
  • Scripture does not deceive

The is actually a list of book sections the author has written.

(A 2 min read; 354 words)

To read this list in context, see the blurb at The Inspiration and Interpretation of Scripture – Michael Graves : Eerdmans.