The Gospel Authors Were Named Early And Credibly by Jason Engwar of Triablogue

Jason provides several links on this subject in the body of his post.

Like Jason, I see minuses as well as plusses in Ben Witherington’s video.

Triablogue: The Gospel Authors Were Named Early And Credibly.

J. Warner Wallace Explains How His Cold-Case Examination Found the Gospels to Be Reliable Witnesses

You can find more about and from Jim Wallace at

Darrell Bock and Dan Wallace on the Authorship of the New Testament

They name nine authors:  Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, the author of Hebrews, James, Peter, and Jude.

(Time 2:05)

Dan Wallace and Darrell Bock on the Formation of the New Testament Canon

The first half of this clip features Dan Wallace; the second half, Darrell Bock.

(Time 5:50)

William Lane Craig on Gospel Authorship

Bill Craig responds to the question “Who wrote the Gospels?” by saying that it is a secondary matter.

(9 min read; 2,300 words)

Gospel Authorship—Who Cares? by William Lane Craig

J. Warner Wallace on How a Poor, Uneducated Fisherman Could Write the Gospel of John

Jim Wallace answers the skepticism about the son of Zebedee being able to write the Gospel of John.

(4 min read; 904 words)

How Could John, a Poor, Uneducated Fisherman, Write the Gospel of John? | Cold Case Christianity.

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