Apostolic Apologetics

Apostolic Apologetics is the defense of the truths regarding Jesus Christ through focus on the New Testament as the primary and sufficient evidence.  As the Old Testament writings derive their authority from the prophets responsible for them so the New Testament writings derive their authority from the apostles responsible for them.

Key Posts on Apostolic Apologetics


Glossary for New Testament Textual Criticism

Dating for New Testament Books

Early Christian Literature

The Etymology of “Apostle” in Greek and Hebrew

New Testament Text and/or Canon:

Annotated Bibliography on New Testament Text and Canon

Authorities on New Testament Text and/or Canon

Chronology of the New Testament Text and Canon

Resources for New Testament Text and/or Canon

Observations on New Testament Text and/or Canon

Bart Ehrman Quotes


Post-Apostolic Church Leaders – 1st through 5th Centuries

The Formation of the New Testament…from Beginning to End

Ancients Lists of New Testament Books

Apostolicity and the New Testament (includes criteria for canonicity)

The Bible v Other Writings of Antiquity:

Scholarly Attestation That the New Testament We Read Is What Was Originally Written

Authors of Antiquity

Comparing the Textual Integrity of the Bible to Other Documents of Antiquity | Rich Deem

Manuscript evidence for superior New Testament reliability | CARM

Daniel B. Wallace on the Textual Reliability of the New Testament

The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict: The Bible Is True! | Josh McDowell

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