Documentary: Mining for God by Brandon McGuire

The full title of this documentary is Mining For God: A Search for Ancient Truth in a Modern World.  It’s in color and lasts 64 minutes.  You can find out more at  Here’s a portion of its description from that site:

America has long been called a Christian nation. In fact, over 70% of adults in America identify themselves as Christian. Yet when filmmaker Brandon McGuire heads to the streets to ask a few clarifying questions about how Christianity is defined within our culture, he is shocked by the answers he finds.

I’ve included three video clips below.

  1. A 9:37 excerpt dealing with the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This is actually very meaty and includes many reliable authorities.
  2. A 2:31 trailer of the movie.
  3. A 4:57 trailer of the movie, which includes footage of the director explaining what he discovered about Christianity in Africa and what it taught him about Christianity in America.  He describes his film as answering the question “What is Christianity?”


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