George Barna and David Barton Talk About Biblical Literacy in America (CBN video clip)

This CBN video clip (4:23) profiles the thesis of the 2014 book by George Barna and David Barton titled U-Turn: Restoring America to the Strength of its Roots.   In it, they decry the sad state of biblical literacy in America today.  For example, they say “early Americans were shaped by the Bible and a Judeo-Christian worldview,” but today only 30% of Christians read the Bible, and less than 10% from cover to cover.  They also say “Only 9% of born-again Christians have a biblical worldview; only 51% of pastors have a biblical worldview.”

From the YouTube description:

Researcher George Barna and historian David Barton say the United States is entering its own version of the Dark Ages and that any civilization that’s gone where America’s headed now has gone to ruin.

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