The Order of Books in the New Testament

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The order of the books in the New Testament was determined to some degree when the books first began circulating in subsets of what would become the New Testament: that is, collections such as the Gospels or the Letters of Paul.


There is an “Eastern” order (arrangement) of the books in the NT versus “Western” order of the books.  This is a reference, respectively, to churches in the eastern part of the Roman Empire (e.g. Alexandria, Antioch, and Caesaria) vis-a-vis those in the western part (e.g. Rome, Carthage, Gaul).

The “Western order” of the Gospels is  Matthew, John, Luke and Mark” (from Wikipedia article on Codex Bezae).

There are two ways order can vary: 1) the order of the sub-collections (e.g. whether the Pauline epistles precede or follow the General Epistles), and 2) the order of writings within a sub-collection (e.g. whether Hebrews follows Romans, 2 Thessalonians, or Philemon).

Compare the order of the the books in the lists we have from Athanasius, Jerome, Augustine and others.


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