Ancient Lists of New Testament Books

Lists earlier than the fourth century (These are all disputed in one way or another)

303-325  –  Eusebius [Ecclesiastical History 3.25.1– 7]

303-367  –  Catalogue in Codex Claromontanus

331-350  –  Codex Vaticanus

331-350  – Codex Sinaiticus

c. 350  –  Cyril of Jerusalem [Catechetical Lectures 4.33]

c. 367  –  Athanasius [Festal Epistle (Ep. Fest.) 39]

c. 365-390  –  Mommsen Catalogue (Cheltenham list)

c. 374-377  –  Epiphanius [Panarion (Haer.) 76.5]

c. 380  –  Apostolic Canons [Apostolic Canon 85]

c. 383-390  –  Gregory of Nazianzus [Carmen de veris scripturae libris 12.31]

c. 393-419  –  African Canons

c. 394  –  Jerome [Epistle 53]

c. 396-397  –  Augustine [On Christian Doctrine (De Doct. Christ.) 2.8.12-13]

c. 396  –  Amphilochius [Iambics to Seleucus (Iambi ad Seleucum) 289– 319]

c. 400  –  Peshitta

c. 400  –  Rufinus [Commentary on the Apostle’s Creed (Comm. in Symb. Apost.) 36]

c. 405 Pope Innocent [Letter to Exsuperius (Ad Exsuper. Tol. – Ad Exup. Tol.)]

c. 400 Syrian Catalogue of St. Catherine’s

c. 425  –  Codex Alexandrinus


1546  –  Canon of Trent


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__________.  “The Muratorian Fragment and the Origins of the New Testament Canon.”  Chapter 24 in The Canon Debate, 2002, see McDonald and Sanders below.  Hahneman repeats his list of 15, making some very slight revisions, mainly in dating; I have conformed the entries above to this later version.  For some context to his list, see Hahneman on Early Canonical Lists.

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