Why Is Evolution So Widely Believed? – by Tim Barnett

The answer depends on how a person defines evolution.  Its meaning is very elastic.  In one sense it may be widely held, but in no sense does it seem to be widely understood in a common way.

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Why Is Evolution So Widely Believed? | ClearThinking Christianity.  [Editorial note, September 27, 2015:  Apparently, this site no longer exists.  You can at least still see the beginning of the article at the Ratio Christi link below.]

(HT: Greg West with The Poached Egg of Ratio Christi)

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  1. The reason why so many people believe in the thesis that humans and apes and fish all came into existence from progressively complex biogenetic change is partly because this thesis appeals to human ability to progress. This thesis, in other words, is the conceptual reification of matter in the image of humans. And the biogenetic randomness provision for this thesis is analogous to the fact that the technical progress of humanity, as a whole, tends to have ups, downs, and reversals: civilizations rise, empires top out, and cultures fall, fail, go extinct.

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