The irreligious assault on the historicity of Jesus is impotent


It isn’t just bestselling atheists like Dawkins who make this faux pas. A measured journalist like ABC Radio National’s Michael Cathcart recently ventured unknowingly into the heavyweight ring and got caught out. In an otherwise excellent interview with Salman Rushdie, Cathcart remarked, “There’s no doubt at all that Mohammed was a real person, whereas Jesus is a person who is at least ambiguous in the question of whether he existed or not.” I say “caught out” because Cathcart promptly received a gentle correction from two of Australia’s best known Roman historians, Professors Alanna Nobbs and Edwin Judge. “In our judgment,” they wrote, “the second part of your statement is quite far from reality.” They explained, “While historical and theological debates remain about the actions and significance of this figure, his fame as a teacher, and his crucifixion under the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate, may be described as historically certain.”

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Best of 2012: The irreligious assault on the historicity of Jesus – Opinion – ABC Religion & Ethics (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

(HT: Greg West of The Poached Egg of Ratio Christi)

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