“The Authenticity of 2 Peter” by Michael J. Kruger

In its December 1999 edition, the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (JETS) published “The Authenticity of 2 Peter” – a 24-page article by Michael J. Kruger.

Kruger’s bottom line on the letter’s authorship (and therefore canonicity):

[W]e have no reason to doubt the epistle’s own claims in regard to authorship.  [p. 645]


The fact that the early church finally accepted 2 Peter as fully canonical ought to add some degree of weight in favor of its authenticity.  [p. 671]

This article (pdf) can be found at www.biblicalstudies.org/uk, a site managed by Rob Bradshaw.  It can also be found at the JETS web site.  Michael Kruger also links to it in a list of articles on his own site.

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