The Canon and the Text of the New Testament by Craig L. Blomberg

This is a transcript of a lecture Dr. Blomberg has given.  (A recorded version is also available in the mobile app of  Go to the app>Foundations, >Biblical Content>Understanding the New Testament>The Canon and the Text of the New Testament.)

Roughly the first 20 minutes of the recorded lecture are given to canon, with the remaining 28 minutes being given to text.  (In addition to being able to access this recording through the mobile app, you can also access it through the website.  After registration, go the home page>Foundations>Understanding the New Testament>3 The Canon and the Text of the New Testament.)

Craig deals with the criteria for the canon beginning at about 7:40.  He briefly reiterates the three criteria at about 15:48 and 17:05.  I have summarized them, along with those of other scholars, in Criteria for the Canon of the New Testament.

Here are the exact statements he makes about criteria:

The specific criteria that seem to have been used to select these twenty-seven were that they were widely accepted, recognized, if you like, by the emerging church of Jesus Christ around that part of the world into which it had spread as uniquely true, inspired, valuable, relevant for Christian thought and life. Secondly, that they were linked to an apostle either because someone who had direct experience of the risen Lord had written a document or one who was a close follower of such a person… Finally, we have the criterion of non-contradiction with previous Scripture.

…the three major requirements for being accepted widely throughout the Christian world as uniquely relevant, as non-contradictory with previously acknowledged revelation, or as genuinely going back to an apostle or a close associate of an apostle.

…of first-century origin, that beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt could be linked with or to one of the apostles, and which appeared to have Orthodox Christian teaching and have a certain timelessly relevant nature to it.

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