“Can We Still Believe the Bible?” by Craig L. Blomberg

Can We Still Believe the Bible? An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary Questions was published in April 2014.  There are six chapters in it.  The first two chapters are on the New Testament text, canon, and translation respectively.

  1. Aren’t the Copies of the Bible Hopelessly Corrupt?
  2. Wasn’t the Selection of Books for the Canon Just Political?
  3. Can We Trust Any of Our Translations of the Bible?
  4. Don’t These Issues Rule Out Biblical Inerrancy?
  5. Aren’t Several Narrative Genres of the Bible Unhistorical?
  6. Don’t All the Miracles Make the Bible Mythical?

As you may have surmised, Blomberg has framed his chapter titles as challenges to the position he defends.

Nick Peters of the Deeper Waters podcast (on-demand radio) interviewed Blomberg about this book on April 26, 2014.  The episode takes its title from the book “Can We Still Believe the Bible?”  Peters’ show last two hours and is divided into six 20-minute segments.  They spent one segment on each of the six chapters.  Therefore, you can get the material on text and canon in the first 40 minutes.  To listen to the podcast, find the date and title of the episode on this list: Deeper Waters Podcast Schedule

Nick Peters’ blurb about this podcast episode:

Join us this Saturday as Craig Blomberg comes on to talk about his newest book “Can We Still Believe The Bible?” We’ll be discussing the text of the Bible, questions about what books made it into the canon and what books didn’t, questions about why there are so many translations of the Bible, how it is that a Christian should understand the topic of Inerrancy, how genre consideration plays into our understanding of the Gospels, and finally whether the Bible can be believed since it contains miracles in it.

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