Authorities on New Testament Text and/or Canon

Here are many of the scholars whose views have been included in some of the posts listed under Apostolic Apologetics.

Peter Balla  –  Professor of New Testament studies at the Faculty of Theology, Karoli Gaspar Reformed University, Budapest.

Paul Barnett (1935-) –  A teaching fellow at Regent College, Vancouver, and a visiting fellow in ancient history at Macquarie University in Australia.  He was the Anglican bishop of North Sydney fro 1990 to 2001, and is the author of Is the New Testament Reliable? and other books.

Craig L. Blomberg – Distinguished Professor of the New Testament at Denver Seminary in Colorado

Darrell L. Bock – Executive Director of Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.  BA, University of Texas, 1975; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1979; PhD, University of Aberdeen, 1983; postdoctoral study, Tübingen University.  Seminary bio.

Marc Z. Brettler

F. F. Bruce (1910-1990)

D. A. Carson – Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Philip W. Comfort

Oscar Cullmann (1902-1999)  –  German professor of New Testament and Christian theologian.

James D. G. Dunn  –  Lightfoot Professor of Divinity in the University of Durham.

Bart D. Ehrman

C. Stephan Evans  –  American historian and philosopher.

Craig A. Evans  –  Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Acadia Divinity College, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Harry Y. Gamble  –  Professor of Religious Studies and Chair of he Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.

J. Norval Geldenhuys (1918-1964)  –  Author of Commentary on the Gospel of Luke (1951) and Supreme Authority: The Authority of the Lord, His Apostles, and the New Testament (1953).

Norman L. Geisler

Ed Gravely – Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Wayne Grudem

Robert Laird Harris (1911-2008)

Charles E. Hill – Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.  BA, University of Nebraska; MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary; PhD, University of Cambridge.  Seminary bio.

Jeremy Royal Howard

Larry W. Hurtado

Sir Frederic Kenyon (1863-1952) – GBE, KCB, TD, FBA, FSA was a British palaeographer and biblical and classical scholar. He occupied from 1889 to 1931 a series of posts at the British Museum (including Director and Principal Librarian).

Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts: Being a History of the Text and Its Translations, 3rd edition, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1897

Handbook to the Textual Criticism of the New Testament, 2nd edition, MacMillan and Company, 1912

Michael J. Kruger

Hans Lietzmann (1875-1942)  –  German scholar and Lutheran church historian noted for his investigations of Christian origins.

Paul L. Maier

Lee M. McDonald  –  Principal and Professor of Biblical Studies at Acadia Divinity College, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Sean McDonough

Bruce M. Metzger (1914-2007)

John Warwick Montgomery – lawyer, professor, theologian, and author.  His website.

Stephen Neill (1900-1984)  –  A Scottish Anglican missionary and bishop.  He was also a scholar, proficient in Greek and Latin, and he wrote many books including The Interpretation of the New Testament, 1861-1961.

Arthur G. Patzia

Andrew W. Pitts – studied under Stanley E. Porter.

Stanley E. Porter

John A. T. Robinson (1919-1983)

James A. Sanders  –  President of the Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at the Claremont School of Theology and the Claremont Grauate University, Claremont, California.

Peter Saunders  –  CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organization with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members.

M. James Sawyer  –  Western Seminary

Mark L. Strauss  –  Bethel Seminary

Daniel B. Wallace – Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary.

B. B. Warfield (1851-1921)

Peter J. Williams

N. T. Wright



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