Joe Carter Tell Us Nine Things We Should Know About the Bible

Here are the nine things Joe Carter tells us.  To see what he says, click on the link to the full article below.

  1. Origin of the word “Bible”
  2. Meaning of the words “Old Testament” and “New Testament”
  3. Origin of the chapter and verse divisions
  4. Dissemination of Bibles in the Western Hemisphere
  5. Origin of “red-letter” Bibles
  6. The number of Bibles produced annually
  7. The most popular English translations of the Bible
  8. The common approaches to Bible translation
  9. Books of the Old Testament quoted in the New Testament

(3 min read; 652 words)

TGC | The Gospel Coalition.

(HT: The Poached Egg from Ratio Christi)

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