Larry Hurtado on Bart Ehrman’s “How Jesus became God”

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How Jesus became “God,” per Ehrman | Larry Hurtado’s Blog.

Joe Carter Tell Us Nine Things We Should Know About the Bible

Here are the nine things Joe Carter tells us.  To see what he says, click on the link to the full article below.

  1. Origin of the word “Bible”
  2. Meaning of the words “Old Testament” and “New Testament”
  3. Origin of the chapter and verse divisions
  4. Dissemination of Bibles in the Western Hemisphere
  5. Origin of “red-letter” Bibles
  6. The number of Bibles produced annually
  7. The most popular English translations of the Bible
  8. The common approaches to Bible translation
  9. Books of the Old Testament quoted in the New Testament

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TGC | The Gospel Coalition.

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Profile of “The New Atheist” – William Lane Craig – from The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education profiles philosopher and debater Dr. William Lane Craig.

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The New Theist – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education

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“Why I Know the Story of Jesus Wasn’t Changed Over Time” by a Cold-Case Detective (J. Warner Wallace)

Former homocide detective Jim Wallace (who was also formerly a skeptic of Christianity) explains the chain of custody for the evidence of Jesus life, ministry, death, and resurrection.

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Why I Know the Story of Jesus Wasn’t Changed Over Time | Cold Case Christianity.

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Comparing Evolution to Empirical Observations Such as Gravity by Cornelius Hunter

Cornelius Hunter succinctly explains that many evolutionists are making claims for the theory of evolution that just don’t stand up to sustained thought.  Specifically, he examines the folly of claiming that evolution is as certain as gravity.  Even if the theory of evolution were true, it could not  be experimented with and experienced in the same way that gravity can.

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Darwin’s God: Comparing Evolution to Empirical Observations Such as Gravity.

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The Book of Genesis Understood in Animated Form

Here’s an interesting way of looking at the book of Genesis.  It’s part of a project to animate the Bible.  For more, see The Bible Project.

This post was first published on Current Events in Light of the Kingdom of God.

How Can We Trust the Gospels When the Genealogies Are So Different? by J. Warner Wallace

Cold-case homicide detective Jim Wallace gives a reasonable way of understanding why the genealogies of Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke are not identical in every respect.

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How Can We Trust the Gospels When the Genealogies Are So Different? | Cold Case Christianity.

An Addendum to C.S. Lewis by Tom Gilson for the Sake of Bart Ehrman and Others

As C. S. Lewis dispensed with those who say Jesus was “a good moral teacher but not Lord” so Tom Gilson dispenses with those who say that Jesus was only a legend – that Jesus never made the statements attributed to him in the Gospels.  (This includes Bart Ehrman, the Jesus Seminar, and practically all of current liberal biblical scholarship.)

The essence of Tom’s point is that the figure of Jesus (a person of maximum power living in maximum love for others) is unmatched in the history of literature (fiction or non-fiction).  It would take a genius to invent such a character.  That he was defined in the way that “legend” believers suggest is simply not plausible.  It’s an argument worthy of addition to Lewis’ trilemma (“Lord, Liar, or Lunatic”).

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Touchstone Archives: The Gospel Truth of Jesus

(New Testament scholar Daniel B. Wallace commends Gilson’s addition in A New Twist on the Quadrilemma: Lord, Liar, Lunatic, or Legend?)

Bible Reading, Prayer, Church Attendance – Which Has the Greatest Impact?

Natasha Crain explains why reading the Bible regularly and frequently has more impact than any other spiritual discipline.

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The Most Important New Year’s Resolution For a Christian Parent (December 30, 2011)

And here’s another related post from Natasha, this one about her personal experiences with Bible reading:  How to Actually Like Reading the Bible by Natasha Crain (A Christian Mom) (January 6, 2014)  She begins by writing, “Until about five years ago, I was one of those Americans who revered the Bible but didn’t read it much.”

Why I’m Not a Theistic Evolutionist by J. Warner Wallace

Jim Wallace cogently and succinctly explains that “theistic evolution” is an oxymoron.

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Why I’m Not a Theistic Evolutionist | Cold Case Christianity.

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