The Protestant Revolt – A Video Series About the Reformation

This series of 12 videos recounts the 16th-century Protestant Reformation from the 21st Century Reformed Presbyterian point of view.  Each episode lasts about 20 minutes.  It was produced by Westminster Theological Seminary of Philadelphia (in conjunction with a group called “Upholding the Truth”) and therefore reflects that perspective throughout, including an emphasis on the connection between the Reformation and the principles of those who founded the American nation.  The primary on-camera presence is Peter Lillback, president of the seminary.

I cannot recommend the series enthusiastically because it seems weak in several ways.  However, for those who possess little knowledge of the Reformation, it could be a helpful introduction.  I also enjoyed as a review of important figures and ideas from the period.

I consider Chapter 10 about the martyrs the most important segment of the series.  In 21st-century America we have so little conception of the persecution that has afflicted believers through the ages.  We need to appreciate the martyrs more.  They paid a precious price that we might know the truth.

    • Overview – 10:16
    • Chapter 1: The Vicar of Christ – 23:55
    • Chapter 2: The Priesthood of the Believer – 22:58
    • Chapter 3: Calvin’s Curse – 22:51
    • Chapter 4: The Cross and the Crown – 21:27
    • Chapter 5: City on a Hill – 20:19
    • Chapter 6: Upon this Rock – 20:00
    • Chapter 7: Magnum Opus – 19:44
    • Chapter 8: Set in Stone – 24:52
    • Chapter 9: The Enlightened Ones – 24:11
    • Chapter 10: The Martyrs – 19:56
    • Chapter 11: Liberty and Justice For All – 19:54
    • Total Time: 3 hours, 48 minutes (12 Sessions)*

The Protestant Revolt – The Protestant Revolt – SERIES OVERVIEW (on Vimeo).

* from the Westminster Bookstore Protestant Revolt: A Study of the Protestant Reformation (DVD) available-for-purchase page.


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