“Why God Sometimes Goes Silent” – a blog post by Allison Vesterfelt

I don’t know Allison Vesterfelt, but I came across this post and thought it made an important point.  We all want to hear God, and need to hear God.  Yet sometimes God seems silent.  Allison’s post helps us with understanding this phenomenon so that we can better deal with it.

On a minor point, I’m a little uncomfortable knowing this much about her relationship with her husband, but that’s the analogy she chose so…

We should also remember that God is utterly good and will never be silent for any of the petty reasons that might make one of us clam up.  If God is not speaking to us, we can be sure that either 1) He’s not really being silent but we have become too hard-hearted to hear Him,  or 2) we’ve become so hard-hearted that He actually has stopped talking to us because it would be a waste of His breath (in which case we’re asking for trouble in this life).

Remember: hearing God is part of the inheritance Jesus died to give you.  Relish it.

Allison’s post is a 4 min read.  Here it is:  Why God Sometimes Goes Silent | Storyline Blog.

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