It’s a Myth That Faith in the Bible Caused People to Oppose Galileo

Here are three resources that discredit today’s widely-accepted myth that Bible-based resistance to evolution is analogous to the church’s initial resistance to Galileo.  The truth is that evolutionary theory today is more analogous to the geocentrism that prevailed in the time of Galileo.

How Critics of Christianity Often Distort the Story of Galileo – a blog post by Charlie Campbell, Director of the Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry.  HT: The Poached Egg (Ratio Christi)

Tim O’Neill, who is an atheist and a prolific writer on Quora has written “The Galileo Affair” (10 min read; 2,427 words,  plus bibliography) as his answer to the history question “What is the most misunderstood historical event?”  Tim says:

In fact, many of Galileo’s staunchest champions and defenders were churchmen and many of his attackers were fellow scientists.

In a related article, Catholicism: Why was the Catholic Church so opposed to heliocentrism (for example, in the Renaissance)? (20 min read; 2,544 words, plus bibliography), Tim writes in his opening sentence:

The main reason the Catholic Church opposed the teaching of heliocentrism as a fact was that it was contrary to the science of the time.

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